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ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Limited Liability Company




INTERN – Intern Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.




Nemetschek OOD




BID – Boluda Division Industrial,S.L.




Robotec s.r.o.




Barida Makine Tic.Ltd.Şti.




The Welding Institute

United Kingdom



Prva Zvaracska a.s.



1. ATEKNEA – ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Limited Liability Company



Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. The group will pool the expertise and know-how of more than 130 professionals working in Catalonia, Hungary, Malta and Poland. Our goal is to gain faster access to new sectors and markets, and to innovate within a cosmopolitan and technologically advanced context.

Our company aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into marketable products and services crucial for their success. Ateknea offers tailor-made services for innovation, with expertise covering a wide range of engineering and scientific areas.



2. INTERN – Intern Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

INTERN is one of the biggest Hungarian producer of steel structures, and distributor of welding materials and consumables. INTER’s major jobs are production of steel structures, technological assembly in chemical industry, education and trading with stainless steel pipes, fittings, welding consumables and machines. They do resurrection, overhaul and building jobs for factories and plants in Germany and all over Hungary. Their production base is in Miskolc (Hungary), and they have a registered park in Wiesbaden (Germany). They develop their machine park and quality system continuously and using Demmeler and Siegmund welding tables.



3. NEMETSCHEK – Nemetschek OOD


NEMETSCHEK Bulgaria is one of the leading software development companies in Eastern Europe with the annual turnover of more than 3 million EUR and the staff headcount of 106. It provides high-end solutions in the area of software development, marketing and implementation. NEMETSCHEK Bulgaria has large experience over 10 years in Europe, America and Middle East. The Company participated in a large number of projects – for example: “Quality Improvement of Software Development Processes through the Introduction of CMMI Model in the Balkan Countries – Project According to the GTZ Public Private Partnership Programme” ; “Project CADPIPE – Sixth Framework Programme”, “Phare SME Services and Technology grand scheme – Improving the Competitiveness and Quality of Software Developmentand Raising Excellence by Upgrading the Existing Production Facilities of the Company”.

As NEMETSCHEK will be the software developer of CLAMPIT core modules, they will develop equipment specific software components, based on user requirements. They will offer continuous maintenance and upgrades to increase their business activity. In addition NEMETSCHEK expects new business opportunities based on the brand new system. Nemetschek will increase its business activity by adding one more software product to its portfolio. Another expected benefit for the company is the opportunity to find new clients and to increase its turnover based on the new software product, its estimated cost and the estimations, mad for the future incomes.



4. BID – Boluda Division Industrial,S.L.

B-Industrial is a company with a 40 year history which started as a welding, piping and metal specialist and has over the years evolved into the leading bespoke service provider in Spain. They have a distribution network of commercial reps. Their current business activities can be broken down as follows, production of specialised clamps cold forging welding services and parts, implementing particular projects according to client needs and they also have a contracted network of commercial reps across Spain. Their services and products are dedicated to the cold forging welding sector construction and services pipes and underground services and implementing specialized projects for industry. They buy and sell a range of clamps and are equipped to test out the system.



5. ROBOTEC – Robotec s.r.o.


ROBOTEC s.r.o. is a system integrator of components for industrial  robotization and automatization. The company deals mainly with projection, implementation, programming and servicing of robotic cells. Part of their activities is also application development of innovative robotic technologies like welding, 3D cutting (cutting of materials with offline programming), grinding, manipulation and operation of CNC machines or robotic production lines. ROBOTEC is focused on Slovak and Czech market and their realizations are mostly robotic cells for arc welding delivered as a complex workstation with fixtures, complete technology and welding procedures. ROBOTE has its own team of designing engineers that have designed and constructed complete line of components for robotic welding like: sliders, positioners, rotating tables and fixtures.

The software will optimize the clamping process of the company, therefore the productivity will increase. ROBOTEC expects to gain additional orders from dominant companies of metalworking sector due to the increased technological level, flexibility and increased quality. They also expect to decrease the specific costs of the production. Being also a welding equipment distributor, ROBOTEC intends to retail the FPP product to its client mainly based in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.



6. BARIDA – Barida Makina Tic.Ltd.Şti.


Barida was established in 2007 in Bursa and in last two years became main supplier for special machinery and automation for Automotive companies. Aditionally last year started to produce special production lines for white goods sector. The company designs and produces special machinery and automation systems for main automotive companies in Turkey and abroad. Their main customers are Ford, Renault, Fiat, Autoliv, Thyssenn, TI Otomotiv, Antolin Group, Standart Profil, MGI, Valeo, Arçelik, Autoliv, Hyundai, Magna, Ficosa, Odello in automotive and Arçelik in white goods sector.

BARIDA expects to be able to make production more cost-effective. Required human resources of clamping design are expected to significantly decrease. The company also expects to increase competitiveness by achieving higher quality level and shorter production periods.



7. TWI – The Welding Institute


TWI is a global company delivering world class value to its Members, through research, consultancy and training services in welding and joining, engineering, NDT inspection, materials, surfacing, and lifecycle integrity. TWI’s headquarters are at Cambridge, UK and TWI also global offices in Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. TWI has over 2000 members in over 60 countries including some of the most influential companies in the world. TWI is one of Europe’s foremost independent not-for-profit research and technology organisations, employing 550 people with an annual turnover of €60 million. The majority of TWI’s activities (65%) are based on the provision of contract research services, funded by industry and built around the development of advanced technologies. TWI is also an active participant in collaborative research programmes in Europe and the UK. TWI has been involved in around 70 projects in total.

The participation of TWI in this project gives a strong opportunity to further develop its research line and enhance its know-how in the field of welding processes. During the project TWI will have the opportunity to exchange their experience gained in the domain and they also intend to broaden and strengthen their collaboration with the welding sector.



8. PZVAR – Prva Zvaracska a.s.


PZVAR is a private research, development and production company dealing with welding technologies. It employs 40 researchers in their research laboratory of welding technologies and laboratory of material research. Its core activities include research and development of welding processes and material surfacing, using laser and electron beam. It also produces single purpose welding equipment and provides services and expertise for the industry. One of its main focuses is to provide services for their industrial customers representing mainly the automotive industry as well as the mechanical and power engineering sector.

Main fields of PZVAR research activities cover high-productive welding processes, development of electron beam welding equipment, plasma cutting centres, robotic welding complexes, single-purpose welding equipment and vibrators for reduction of residual stresses. The company’s mission is to bridge scientific knowledge of welding technologies with industrial needs, creating and implementing the necessary industry environment product developments and applications.

The company expects to widen and deepen its research fields by participating in a clamping related research project. Scientific analysis of clamping process is a novel field in global welding research that European research sector is just starting to deal with. PZVAR together with TWI will be pioneers in this field and expects to achieve competitive edge that will be converted into further research projects profitable for the company and spreadable to European metalworking sector.