Intelligent welding clamp design software using computer-aided optimization for SMEs to achieve high precision assembly


Clamping is an initial step in most of welding processes no matter if we talk about manual or automatic welding. The optimal clamping method ensures that the individual work pieces will be joined in the correct position and the optimal forces and accessories contribute to avoid distortions that can occur during welding due to the impact of heat.

From this perspective the design of fixtures is an essential operation during the welding process and therefore requires highly experienced welders for every new assembly. Mistakes in the design can delay the actual manufacturing operations and thus reduce productivity of welding workshops.

CLAMPIT project aims to develop a high-end decision supporting system that helps metalworking SMEs increasing efficiency of welding jobs by automatizing clamping design calculations. The CLAMPIT software will be able to provide assistance to find the optimum fixture design containing optimal clamping points and forces. In addition it includes a fast and efficient distortion prediction module incorporating LSND technology.

CLAMPIT software will interpret the CAD model of the assembly to be welded and identifies the welds. According to the specific features of the assembly the software gives potential solution about the points where the components can be clamped including the information about the size and orientation of the required forces. In the case the user has an universal welding table with adjustable clamps, the software will select suitable types and calculates its location on the clamping table’s x-y grid.

In order to reduce buckling distortion typical for thin-walled structures CLAMPIT will adapt the LSND techniques.
An optional software package enabling the LSND module which includes a fast and efficient distortion prediction module incorporating LSND technology.

The output of the software will be a plan for positioning clamping units in the 3D CAD environment.

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